Vandoren Optimum Switcheroo 2

imageSo a billion years ago I wrote a blog post about trying the Vandoren gold Optimum alto sax ligature on my Bb M13Lyre mouthpiece. It fit very well with a mouthpiece patch on the back. Here’s an update:

I have switched to a Vandoren BD-5 mouthpiece. The gold alto sax ligature is a nice match. I use the gold Optimum more often in the winter when reeds sound brittle in the low humidity. The gold Optimum definitely has more warmth and allows for a nice color spectrum. The differences are subtle but useful on Powell Hall stage. I keep a gold Optimum in my case now along with my Vandoren silver Optimum Bb clarinet ligature. 

Clarinerd question: which of the three Optimum pressure plates do you use? 


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