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Female Clarinetists In U.S. – Part One – ICSOM Orchestras

Note: this list is a work in progress that I’m fitting in between my job with the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra. If I’ve inadvertently left out a female orchestral player in an ICSOM orchestra, my deepest apologies! Please contact me at so I may correct my mistake. Also, please alert me with any spelling errors.

List of Female Clarinetists in ICSOM Orchestras

I have been searching for a list of female orchestral clarinetists online — to no avail. (Please write in the comments below if you know of such a list.) On my website DianaHaskellClarinet I have added a list of female orchestral clarinetists in United States  International Conference of Symphony and Opera Musicians (ICSOM) orchestras.

It is good to see progress! There are far more females now than ever before sitting in premiere orchestras in our country. Brava!

My next list will be female clarinet professors in the US, followed by females serving in ROPA orchestras. 


4 thoughts on “Female Clarinetists In U.S. – Part One – ICSOM Orchestras”

  1. Hi! I am an assistant professor of clarinet at Northern State University in Aberdeen, SD. This is my fifth year and I’m the only woman clarinet prof in the state.

    Thanks for doing this! It is a fabulous resource.
    Dr. Audrey Miller

  2. Diana,
    I would like you to be aware of a very popular Madison, WI area all female big band named “Ladies Must Swing.” It was founded and is run by my good friend, clarinet/saxophone player, June Dalton. If you would like more info, please email me….I dont have her contact info under my fingers right now. You could try Googling…..😎

    1. Thank you. At this time I am only working on ICSOM/ROPA orchestra women, as well as college teachers. But it sounds great! Maybe someone else will create a list of women in jazz bands!

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