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What Now, Fellow Private Teachers? Suggestions For Teaching In Person During Fall

For my teaching studio, I have temporarily moved all lessons to my front porch. am currently distanced about 10 to 12 feet from the student. They love it and so do I. But warm weather will soon give way to chilliness. Do we go to Zoom? Can we find another temporary solution?

My next step is to move into our (ugly) garage for parents who prefer in-person lessons. The plan is to leave the garage door open partway. We will distance at least 12 feet. I will place an air purifier next to the student, following suggestions by Dr. Jun Wang, a professor in Environmental and Public Health at UC’s College of Medicine. A fan will blow air out the garage door. When the weather turns cold, two heaters will heat up the garage. Lessons will shorten to 50 minutes. Between lessons the garage door will be opened. No one is allowed in our house. Everyone will mask except when playing. When I can no longer keep the garage at 68 degrees we will have to move to Zoom.

Considerations for fall:
1) forehead ‘gun’ style thermometer. But they are expensive. If anyone knows of a decent economical option, please leave it in the comments.

2) air purifier with light. I read in the U of Cincinnati study that placing even a low end version right by the student helps clean the air.

3) I have three of these Fovitec floor camera lights and are trying them for our outdoor concert this weekend. They will help light up the garage well. One is sufficient.

What are you doing for fall teaching? Please add your ideas below.

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