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Teaching Philosophies

I’m transfering my website materials to a new website called DianaHaskellClarinet. It’s up and running!  Which has meant updating/enhancing/dictionary-ing/thesaurus-izing/and so on. It’s tear-my-heart-out slow. Arduous. Worse than practicing long tones. I’d rather rearrange my sock drawer. And so on.


It’s actually been a thoughtful process of updating my philosophy statements for all age groups. Why three? 1) college 2) high school and 3) beginner/intermediate. I need slightly different focal points for each.

Here is a sample from my overall statement:

Diana Haskell strives to uncover, cultivate, strengthen, and support the creative talent in each clarinetist. Artistry is always the highest objective. In teaching she guides students to become the best musical version of themselves. Work is done together to develop and improve all aspects of playing: technique, musicianship, tone, and performing — in order that students may reach their highest potential, no matter their chosen field. 

The goal of a teaching philosophy statement is to give the reader an overview of the teacher’s vision and process. Though time-consuming, writing a teaching philosophy statement has helped clarify and distill my approach to learning and teaching.

Do you have a statement? Please feel free to share your ideas below.

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