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Geneva Competition – Repertoire

Competitions are a good resource for new or lesser-performed works. I’m always curious.  Repertoire for the 2018 Concours de Genève International Music Competition (Clarinet) may be found on p. 10 and 11.

In the B Recital I list below, new to me was “Bug” by Bruno Mantovani.

B. Recital I:

Robert Schumann: Fantasiestücke for clarinet and piano (12′)
One of the following pieces at choice:

F. Donatoni: “Clair” (1st mvt) for clarinet solo (4′)
H. Holliger “Rechant” for clarinet solo (6′)
M. Jarrell: “Assonance” for clarinet solo (9′)
Mantovani: “Bug” for clarinet solo (6′)
J. Widmann: “Fantaisie” for clarinet solo (7′)
K. Stockhausen: « der kleine Harlekin » for clarinet solo (9’) o E. Denisov: Sonata for clarinet solo (8’)

Mantovani writes: ‘[“Bug”] is a musical metaphor of the disarray caused by an imaginary computer break-down (fortunately not predicting what might have happened on 31 December 1999).’

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